Brownies baking at the solar oven demonstration at Preparing Wisely

Solar Oven Demo at Preparing Wisely

  Yesterday, I gave a solar oven demonstration at Preparing Wisely, a food storage store in Mesa Arizona.  I baked several pans of brownies as samples so I got there early in order to get the brownies in the oven.  I wanted to be sure that they would be done by the time my demo was over. But the day was bright and shiny and … [Read More...]

Granola with oats

Easy Solar Granola

We went to Winco Foods yesterday. They have a very large bulk food section. As I was wandering around looking at all of the different choices, I came across a very simple Granola recipe that was perfect for the solar oven. Of course, a lot of different things can be put into a granola, and I couldn’t resist adding a few little extras … [Read More...]

Homemade Country Sausage

Homemade Country Sausage

Following is a repost of one of my top posts. We love a good country sausage for breakfast.  But sausage always seemed like one of those "mystery" meats, that … [Read More...]

Kids In The (Solar) Kitchen

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