image of dairy cows on Kerr Dairy Farm

Kerr Dairy Farm

Disclaimer: I was provided the opportunity to visit this farm with the Diary Council of AZ through a campaign with Blended Extended. All opinions are my own.    Looking through the glass door of the dairy case, seeing shelf after shelf of plastic jugs ready to be grabbed and placed into the shopping cart, milk in the … [Read More...]

Solar cooking image of sun wearing a chef hat

Solar Cooking: Tips and Techniques

SOLAR COOKING TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR A BOX OVEN So you finally bought (or made) a solar box oven. You are standing there looking at it and wondering “Now what do I do”. Here are some helpful tips and techniques to get you started.  SUNSHINE Pick a clear, sunny day. Don’t worry if there are a few clouds passing over, but you … [Read More...]

Hatch Chile Express in Hatch NM

Hatch Chile Express

We just stopped at Hatch Chile Express in Hatch New Mexico, home of the famous Hatch chiles. This has been on Rod's bucket list for many many years. At Hatch Chile … [Read More...]

Sunshine on MY Shoulder An Adventure In Solar CookingSolar Cooking

Solar Cooking Podcast

Solar Cooking Podcast Wow! Do I have exciting news to share. I have been invited to join a podcast on solar cooking today on  The time will be … [Read More...]

Kids In The (Solar) Kitchen

About Solar Cooking

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