Granola with oats

Easy Solar Granola

We went to Winco Foods yesterday. They have a very large bulk food section. As I was wandering around looking at all of the different choices, I came across a very simple Granola recipe that was perfect for the solar oven. Of course, a lot of different things can be put into a granola, and I couldn’t resist adding a few little extras … [Read More...]

Brownies with peanut butter

Peanut Butter Brownies

When you think of famous food pairings, what do you think of?  Macaroni and cheese? Burger and fries? Bacon & eggs?  Peanut butter and chocolate?  These decadent little cookie bites combine both the peanut butter and chocolate into an indulgent treat.  OHHHH, hold me back. I can't eat just one.   Peanut Butter … [Read More...]

solar oven chocolate chip cookie

Single Chocolate Chip Cookie

When I saw this recipe for a Single Chocolate Chip Cookie on Facebook, I knew that it would be a perfect addition to Kids in the (Solar) Kitchen.  Every child, big … [Read More...]

Kids In The (Solar) Kitchen

About Solar Cooking

Wonder Oven

Wonder Oven

Last Christmas, my daughter made me a Wonder Oven, a type of thermal box.  She found the directions online.  It is … [Read More...]

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